Open Class Departments
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Open Class Departments

Entry and release times/dates by department

To place an on-line entry, click here:


Entry Fees:

$12.00 per entry – Beef, Dairy and Horse (pay online).

No fee for any other classes.

Gate Admission:

1-2 animals entered = 1 complimentary Exhibitor Season Passes

3-4 animals entered = 2 complimentary Exhibitor Season Passes

5-7 animals entered = 3 complimentary Exhibitor Season Passes

8-10 animals entered = 4 complimentary Exhibitor Season Passes

11-15 animals entered = 5 complimentary Exhibitor Season Passes

Gate Admission:

Any quantity of Beef, Dairy and Horse entered = 1 complimentary Season Gate Admission Wristband

All other 4H & FFA exhibitors are entitled to purchase a Season Gate Admission Wristband for $15.00.

All 4H and FFA Youth Helpers are able to purchase a Season Gate Admission Wristband for $15.00.

Parents of 4H & FFA students are able to purchase a Season Exhibitor Pass at the discounted rate of $27.00.

Above purchases will be made at the fair office by the 4H Leader and/or FFA Advisor when they turn in their club lists. The above fair passes cannot be paid online at time of registration.

4H Leaders and FFA Advisors are requested to identify those members on their club list that have entered Dairy, Beef or Horse with an * beside the exhibitors name.

All entries for Open, 4H and FFA will be made using the same ShoWorks entry link.

All entries must be registered online.

If you don’t have access to a computer, the library is an option or the Fair Office has a computer available during business hours.

All entries requiring payment must pay online or at time of entry appointment if entering 5 or more 4H Dairy or 4H Beef.

Rules and Regulations


Be sure to read through the entry guidelines and deadlines for the department you are interested in entering before you enter an exhibit. Departments are listed individually below.

Note: Premium checks will be mailed no later than September 30th.
If you have questions about your entries or premium check please email us at We will respond to your email with in 1-2 business days.

1099 Information: If you exceed $600.00 in total premiums, you will need to file a W-9 Form. These are available in the fair office. Premium checks will not be issued unless we have the completed W-9 form.

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