FFA Rules
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FFA Rules


Ms. Tamara Whitcomb (Superintendent)


MBHS Ag Office: 360-383-2082

Cell Phone: 360-556-1505

All entries must be registered on-line. This will be required for all exhibits and exhibitors that are entered in the fair. If you don’t have access to a computer, then the library is your best option. There will also be a computer available for use at the fair office during normal business hours.

1. When there is only one entry for the class, the placing shall be based on the merits of the one entry.

2. All animals shown in FFA classes must be housed in the FFA area while at the fair, except with Superintendent permission. Your animals must be identified with a stall card.

3. All animals shown in FFA classes must be at least four months of age on entry and must be carried as the member’s vocational agriculture project during the last or next year. (Exception - Poultry and Rabbits).

4. Graduate students may show in FFA classes for 3 years following graduation or until they are twenty one, whichever comes first.

5. Animals will be judged on the Danish System.

6. Rosettes will be awarded at the discretion of the judges.

7. Owners will show their own animals(exception in rule 9). Animals may be shown by person of equal experience on permission of the Superintendent.

8. Incorrect entries will not be accepted. To show in Open Class, entries must be entered on line or in the fair office by July 25th and follow the rules stated above. Each student must enter Fitting and Showing on line or on the livestock entry form. Any changes in entries after the July 25 due date must notify Superintendent of change. After July 31st all late entries will need to pay a $25.00 late fee per animal. If registration papers are required to show in Open Class, they must be to the Open Class Superintendent by August 1st or a late fee of $10.00 per paper will apply. These late fees are NON-REFUNDABLE even if the exhibitor decides not to come after all. AG Mech entries can be placed on-line through the Monday prior to the fair.

9. Members may enter only one breed of dairy and beef in the fitting and showing contest. Members must show their own animals unless there is an agreement in place prior to June 1st of the current year in the agreement page of the record book. This agreement must be sent to Ms. Whitcomb ( twhitcomb@mtbaker.wednet.edu) signed by all parties and submitted by the end of the school year. There is a limit of 4 animals from antoher owner unless the Superintendent gives permission. Students are limited to a total of 7 animals per division and more may be requested by Superintendent permission.

10. Failure to Fit and Show will forfeit all FFA premiums. All animals will be shown in type classes.

11. Any member smoking, drinking alcohol, or having drugs in their possession in or about the barns will forfeit their premiums from the fair and will be discharged from the fairgrounds. There are NO second chances.

12. Beef bulls may be exhibited in the FFA section of the barn @ Superintendent’s discretion. Bulls over one year of age may be required to have a restraining pen provided by the exhibitor. All bulls must have a nose lead. Dairy bulls are not allowed.

13. The Fair Association will provide hay and bedding.

14. Animals may be taken home on recommendation of fair veterinarian or FFA superintendent.

15. Judging teams will be admitted on judging days when accompanied by their instructor or by Superintendent of FFA division. Apply at office.

16. All FFA exhibitors only will purchase a week pass from their instructor prior to the first day of the fair.

17. Official rules for clipping and grooming of FFA animals will be according to breed association rules.

18. No FFA exhibits shall be withdrawn from the Fair before 9 p.m. Saturday of the Fair or their premiums will be forfeited. Please remove all items you have used in your stall area at that time.

19. All milk must be put into tank and will become property of the Fair. All medicated animals must be milked last if using parlor.

20. All exhibitors must be out of the barn from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. unless they have written permission from the Superintendent.

21. Maximum of 2 entries per class.

22. Fitting and Showing class definitions:
NOVICE: A contestant in FFA and in their first calendar year showing a specific species.

JUNIOR: Last year freshmen and sophomores with any previous experience.

SENIOR: Last year juniors, seniors, and graduates with experience.

23. Official dress is recommended for Fitting and Showing where appropriate.

24. No mixing of animals between 4H and FFA. Members simultaneously enrolled in FFA and 4H must have separate projects or animals for each program during the same calendar year. The program year is October 1 to September 30. For example, a member may carry a dairy project for FFA and 4H as long as he or she uses a different animal and project for each program. The goal of both organizations is youth education. Involvement in both programs should result in the enhancement of the educational experience. You cannot keep an animal in the 4H area unless you have permission from the Superintendent.

25. Due to space availability, exhibitors may be asked to leave animals home for a variety of reasons. The order in which exhibitors will be asked to leave animals at home is as follows:

1.Late entries

2.Out of county exhibitors.

3.Two entries per lot.

4.Multiple entries in a division.

26. Students must fit their own animals. No one may fit the animals other than the exhibitor. Showing must be done by exhibitor unless an emergency situation (notify the Superintendent prior if this is necessary). Discretion on the part of outside parties is mandatory. Help must be limited to teaching and holding, but not doing. This will be strictly enforced in all FFA barns where animals are housed.

27. There will be a $10.00 fee assessed to each entry that does not show and has not been cancelled by Tuesday at 5 p.m. before the Fair starts. Call the Superintendent to cancel. This will be deducted from the premium check.

28. No animal will be allowed to compete for more than one premium, nor shall be entered in more than one class; except as one of a herd of cows for milk, sheep flocks, chapter herds.

29. Only blue and red ribbon winners in FFA are eligible to enter Open Class Cattle.

30. FFA may enter Open Class provided there is a minimum of five Open Class cattle per breed or two exhibitors.

31. Accurate record books (including signatures, agreement, budget, expenses, labor) for all animal projects must be turned in to FFA Superintendent by 5 p.m. on Monday of the NW WA fair in the FFA office. FFA Advisors will provide a list of names checked that a record book is submitted. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the fair and sale. All changes that need to made to record books must be completed Wednesday at 9 a.m. of fair.

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