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4H Arts and Crafts

Sue Dykstra Superintendent

Sue Dykstra Superintendent

(360) 815-2906 

Department 7

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To place an on line entry click here:

1. Entries with incomplete information may be refused.

2. Entries are limited to arts and crafts made by entrants during the current 4-H year. No school projects. Exhibitors must be enrolled in 4-H Creative Arts Project.

3. Entries can be placed on-line through Monday prior to the fair (one week) or entered between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on the Thursday before the fair in the 4-H building. All entries must be accompanied by a 3"x 5" index card on which the exhibitor has legibly printed the following information:

  • Your exhibitor number (no names please)
  • Your Age
  • Item (What it is)
  • Construction (What materials and techniques were used) the judges will consider the index card information in their evaluation of the entry. Be thorough!

4. Each fine arts item in Division A, and any other exhibit intended to be displayed by hanging, must have a hanging device securely attached. If a hanging device is missing or inadequate, the exhibit may be dropped one ribbon placing and may not be displayed.

5. Please note for Division A, a canvas that has been stretched and attached to a wood framework is not considered "framed" and will not be accepted as is,unless the "Art" wraps all the way around the edges covering all of the canvas.


Three (3) entries total allowed per exhibitor in Division A.

PREMIUMS: 5.00 3.00 2.00
1. Drawing (charcoal, pen, ink, pencil, other), matted or framed if on paper or canvas.
2. Painting (watercolor, tempera, oil, acrylic, other), matted or framed if on paper or canvas.

* Please note* Paint by number projects belong in Division B Class1

Superintendent reserves the right to refuse any entry with inadequate hanging devise. Tape and string are not considered adequate.


Six (6) entries allowed per exhibitor in Division B, with no more than two entries in any one lot.

PREMIUMS: 5.00 3.00 2.00
1. Items made from kits (including pre-cut wood items and paint by numbers)
2. Printmaking (relief, lithograph, screen, other) no items made from a kit
3. General Media Craft (clay, glass, metal, leather, fiber, other) no items made from a kit.
4. Needle Arts: stitchery, weaving, latch hook. No items made from a kit.
5. Jewelry: All jewelry, regardless of method. No items made from a kit.
6. Recycled Art: Project is completely made of reclaimed items.
7. Nature Crafts: All components are found in nature.
8. Duct Tape Creations
9. Yard Art-please check the state fair web site, they do have limits on size.

Superintendent may not be able to display large items due lack of space.

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